RTV Gasket

RTV Gasket

RTV Gasket

Silicon solventless sealing agent

Item. No. Product Name Volumetric Capacity Packing
00077 RTV Gasket white 100g *24pcs
00077 RTV Gasket black 100g *24pcs
00077 RTV Gasket red 137g *24pcs


  • De-oxime single –fluid rubber.
  • Reacts with vapour in the air and hardness into a rubber like elastic substance at normal temperature.
  • Excellent at heat and cold resistance (-40 C – +240 C), oil/water resistance and electrical insulating


  • For sealing of electrical and electronics equipment’s (terminal of, cables and motors, heat insulation of heaters and joints of refrigerators.)
  • For sealing of window glass, sash, concrete and motors, etc.
  • As sealing agent for dust collecting equipment, ventilation equipment, heating/cooling duct.
  • For connecting flanges surface
  • Used as liquid packing for engine, etc.


Applicable temperature -40◦ C -240◦ C