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GMET International is an international company that offers the best solution against industrial lubrication solutions. We adhere to the international standard of quality to ensure that our clients only get what is the best. We pride ourselves to being CUSTOMER-ORIENTED and QUALITY-ADVOCATE. These two principles are very visible in our dealings and business operations. Our suppliers are guaranteed to include only those trusted products and names. We make sure that our clients see the value of their money and time.
Our company is the bridge that connects right product solution to your business. We treat each rust case to be unique from one another and take our time to investigate it before deciding for the best anti-solution. Our process flow to resolving individual rust cases is proven to be efficient and effective. So whether it is an early build up or a recurring issue- we guarantee to resolve it.
With our years of exposure in this industry, we are an authority to rust solutions. We help our clients asses the degree of their rust problems and recommend the most appropriate product for them.


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Arrow Solutions is a leading manufacturer of professional industrial cleaning and maintenance chemical products. With business in over 50 countries our high quality aerosols and liquids are solving problems for thousands of companies every day, and our reputation for innovation and manufacturing excellence is recognized through numerous awards, accreditation’s and OEM approvals.

Blackfast has been established in Surrey for over 30 years. Over that time we have developed a unique product for blacking iron, steel and other metals at room temperature. We also manufacture a range of effective and easy to use antiquing and lacquering products. All of our products have been designed to be used in various industry sectors including engineering, automotive, manufacturing and many more.