Peneton A

Peneton A

Peneton A

Rust Proof Penetrating Oil for Equipment

Item. No. Product Name Volumetric Capacity Packing
00105 Peneton A 420ml*24pcs
00142 Peneton A 18L 18L*1can


  • Without unpleasant smell since it is odourless adopts 2 way nozzle,bottom –up spray is available.
  • Rust proof effect is higher than other penetrating oil because of improved anti-rust formula.
  • Penetrates rapidly into corroded metal surface. Activates on base metal under the rusty layer while lubricating the metal.
  • Prevents rusting by water replacement
  • At an amazing speed,loosens binding screws,nuts,etc., caused by rust.
  • Solve the disconnection problem of electric system caused by moisture.
  • Doesn’t contain silicon oil


  • Loosens binding crews , nuts,etc., caused by rust or seizure.
  • For anti-rust or lubricating metal ware.


Salt spray test Over 72 hours
Indoor rust proof Over 12 months
Weld load 981N
Heat resistance 120◦ C
Kinematic viscosity 9cST(for reference only)
Applicable temperature -10◦ C-130◦ C