Micro Check Penetartion

Micro Check Penetartion

Micro Check Penetration

Invisible flaw detection agent

Item. No. Product Name Volumetric Capacity Packing
00143 Micro check cleaner 420ml*24pcs
00142 Micro check cleaner 18L 18L*1can


  • Micro check is a one touch aerosol spray of flow detection agent which don’t require any special equipment to be used.
  • Tiny cracks and invisible flaws can be easily and accurately detected.
  • It can be used everywhere no matter what material the applied objects are made of or what shapes the applied objectes have (expect painted surface and plastics).
  • Being non-corrosive, it can be safety used to aluminium alloy, magnesium alloy, etc.
  • Possible to detect flaws and cracks at 0 C to 80 C
  • The detect-ability is width 1µm and depth 10 µ (10 C-50 C)


The range of application is limitless from metals, regardless of whether it is ferrous, nonferrous, magnetic or non- magnetic to non- metals such as ceramics, glass, etc.

  • Cast parts-pin holes, folds due to hot water, cracks due to shrinkage.
  • Forged parts – cracks due to forging.
  • Welded point –cracks, cavity and defective joints
  • Metal fatigues –cracks due to grinding, cracks due to backing, cracks due to cutting tools.
  • Leakage –tanks, boilers, pipes and others.
  • Seals –test of heat seal packages.


Outward appearance Colourless transparent liquid
Applicable temperature 0-80◦ C

How to use

It consists of following 4 types.

  1. Clean the inspecting surface with Micro-Check Cleaner
  2. Spray on the inspecting surface with Micro-Check Penetration
  3. Remove excessive Micro-Check Penetration by a cloth soaked with Micro-check Cleaner
  4. Spray Micro-Check Development onto inspecting surface

Crack detection test at welded point

Crack detection test at heat seal package