Leak Former

Leak Former

Leak Foamer / NK Foamer

Gas and air leak detection

Item. No. Product Name Volumetric Capacity Packing
25240 Leak Foamer 345g*24pcs
23362 NK Foamer 15kgs*1can


  • Easily detects gas leakage by creating bubble. Bubbling even slight “leakage”
  • Non –flammable and no risk by chemical reactions
  • Cleared the JIS –Z2329(Methods for bubble leak testing ) foaming at a30µm hole, under 4-5 *103 Pa differential pressure
  • Neutral type


  • Applicable to various gas piping, welded joint part of equipment and connecting parts.
  • For detect refrigerant gas leakage from pipe jointing parts of machines such as air –conditioner and refrigerator.
  • For detect gas leakage of town gas, propane gas, gas of industrial pipes and containers.
  • Gas leakage check for pneumatic brake piping of automobile.

How to use

It consists of following 4 types.

  1. Clean the inspecting surface with Micro-Check Cleaner
  2. Spray on the inspecting surface with Micro-Check Penetration
  3. Remove excessive Micro-Check Penetration by a cloth soaked with Micro-check Cleaner
  4. Spray Micro-Check Development onto inspecting surface


Outward appearance Colourless transparent liquid
Applicable temperature Normal temperature

Crack detection test at welded point

Crack detection test at heat seal package