Engine oil Additive

Engine oil Additive

Engine oil additive


Smooth start and acceleration by distinguished lubrication performance Higher-grade effective engine work.

While the engine works, inside of engine is in a condition that metal rubs against metal.
If engine oil acting in a few gaps does not function, metal side is worn down (damaged). To make matters worse, the engine is damaged. In addition, it can also affect running performance of the car such as a drop of power, mileage aggravation and noisy engine sound because the movement in the engine is not smooth.
Not only improves EV-50 these problems, but also it realizes the lubrication performance that is higher than that of engine oil alone. High-grade organic molybdenum that is also used for EV-606, our upper class additive, is combined plentifully. EV-50 is finished with characteristics of the chemical maker.

Based on high stability, engine oil is not interrupted at high-speed run. As metal becomes smooth, EV-50 strengthens the running performance of the car such as the improvement of power and mileage. In addition, it works for degradation prevention of engine oil.

Unprecedented standard, EV-50 Reliable performance for cars and drivers

For the best performance, Use once every two or three months or per 2,000km drive.

  • Decrease in wear resistance raises engine output and saves fuel cost.
  • Prevents wear and seizure of the engine.
  • Prevents breakage of oil film caused due to increase in engine temperature during high-speed and long-time operation.
  • Prevents poor lubrication at the start and facilitates the start of engine.
  • Protects the engine inside from rusting and corrosion and prolongs the life of engine.
  • Add 1 can of additive to 3 to 4L of engine oil. (Can be used for gasoline-powered and light-oil-powered vehicles.)
No OT-701
Name EV-50
Purpose Engine oil additive
NET 220ml x 30