Additive for Gasoline

Additive for Gasoline

Additive for Gasoline

CLEAN UP For Gasoline

Energy-saving age additive that cleans the combustion chamber

Swift response when step on the accelerator. New power to let you feel the difference from a start to acceleration.

The engine produces power by burning fuel, but the dirt’s called the deposit collect in the engine inside at the same time. As the deposits collect, the engine gradually shows lower performance compared to its original and remarkable influences such as drop of power, mileage aggravation and aggravation of the exhaust gas appear.

CLEAN UP is an additive to remove deposits that cause above effects and to improve engine performance.

Furthermore, CLEAN UP improves combustion efficiency more by combining an original combustion promotion ingredient in a good balance in addition to the clean effect.

When combustion efficiency gets better, the engine needs less fuel by mileage improvement and the exhaust gas becomes clean. This is also for reduction of the environment load.

CLEAN UP releases you from a stressful drive caused by deposit and offers you more comfortable drive.

For the best performance

  1. Use CLEAN UP before refueling and fill up after use. By doing this, it gets stable and easy for ingredients to mix with fuel without being partial.
  2. Use once every two or three months or per 2,000 km drive.
  • Additive to gasoline in energy-saving age
  • Ashless pure additive to gasoline
  • Multifunctional fuel additive whose high polymer compound keeps the fuel system including the engine combustion chamber (suction/exhaust valves, PCV valve, cylinder head and plug) clean at all times, and at the same time, protects metal parts from corrosion.
  • Add 1 bottle of agent to 40 to 50L of fuel.
No NT-607
Name CLEAN UP For Gasoline
Purpose Additive to fuel of gasoline
NET 250ml x 50